We continue reporting good news! We are grateful to have received another grant from the last Horizon Europe Call for the project CirculH2. This is our fourth European project, which has been funded with 5,7 M €. EvoEnzyme will work together with ten international partners: acib GmbH, Econutri, Delft University of Technology, Cascat GmbH, University of Zagreb / Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Axxence, AstraZeneca, Enzymicals AG, Sustainable Momentum and the Technical University of Munich as coordinator.

CirculH2, which works on the breakthrough in developing robust and scalable hydrogenases. As Nature’s highly active catalysts for H2 oxidation and production, these enzymes will find a pathway to meet industrial demands for circular chemistry and economic competitiveness over fossil-based alternatives.

EvoEnzyme takes a pivotal role, leading the way in enzyme engineering, optimizing and developing robust hydrogenases, contributing to the project´s goal of harnessing H2 for sustainable industrial biotechnology.

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