In addition to engineering your enzyme for specific purposes, our service also include everything from setting up screening assays to constructing mutant libraries.

Development of high-throughput screening assays

We create highly sensitive and reliable screening assays aimed at improving different biochemical traits.

Design of DNA recombination methods

We have a broad portfolio of methods based on the high frequency of homologous recombination of Saccharomyces cerevisiae together with computational tools to maximize mutant library generation.

EvoEnzyme evolves both modern and ancestral enzymes

In case your specific requests cannot be find in current natural resources, in EvoEnzyme we can carry out ancestral reconstruction (by phylogenetic inference), resurrection (functional  expression of ancestral sequences in modern hosts) and ultimately lab evolution providing our customers with new enzyme entities that show wider promiscuity and stability than their extant counterparts.

Computationally guided lab evolution

Within our portfolio of engineering methods, we are recurrently employing computational algorithms to perform structure-guided evolution, from substrate diffusion simulations to the application of machine learning guided evolution aimed at finding the most optimal mutation and recombination hits.